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Sunshine Run 10K Training: My Four-Weapon Arsenal

When I came back online early in August, I updated you all on my marathon training and accounced that a marathon just isn’t in the stars for me this fall. Not because I don’t want to run a marathon–I do. Just not right now. Plus my fitness goals of toning and speeding up don’t align with marathon training.

So I’ve tabled the marathon training for a later date, which kills me a little bit because I had aspirations of being done with the marathon by my ten-year high school reunion (2011). Oh the weapons of ego we wish to weild when we meet our high school classmates again…

My pride issues aside, I’ve made my goal for the fall the Sunshine Run 10K in October. This race is easily one of the largest in Springfield, and I’ve always wanted to run it. In fact, I registered for it in 2006, but didn’t train for it. I didn’t even start. And a DNS is way worse than a DNF. Yuck.

This year, I am prepared to start and finish this race. I have an arsenal of weapons to make sure I do:

  1. First, I made my training schedule yesterday and photocopied half a dozen times so it can be posted all over my house: refrigerator, bathroom mirror, work office, etc. Accountability everywhere for the next eight weeks. In it’s essence, Mondays I have a medium run (working from 3 miles up to 6 miles), Tuesdays I run 2 miles, Wednesdays I have speed work on the track, Fridays I do some light cross training for 60 minutes, and Saturdays I have my long run (working from 4 miles up to 8 miles). Wednesdays and Saturdays are my most essential and hardest runs because a) they’re just tougher and b) I have to run them in the mornings.
  2. Second, I am getting a new training watch. My old Timex’s band finally bit the dust this winter, so I’ve sort of been running “in the dark” for a few months. If I am going to work on speed, a watch is mandatory, right? A watch will allow me to keep a training log right here on my blog. My birthday is next week, and I am, without subtlety, hinting that I want a new watch, specifically this one. If I don’t get it, surely I’ll have some birthday money to blow.
  3. Third, I am getting a subscription to Runner’s World (and maybe Women’s Health). This depends on how the birthday money is spent, but I’ve found I’m a lot more inclined to get off my duff and workout when I have magazines to keep me inspired.
  4. Actually, this isn’t a fourth weapon. Well, if you knew these girls personally, you might consider them weapons. Anyway, I have Sarah and Linden (who returns September 10) to smack me around if I don’t do this. Actually, I haven’t even asked them to smack me around, but I know they’ll jump on the opportunity.

So now you know what I’ll be up to for the next eight weeks. Right now, I’ve got to wrap up this blog post and do my cross training before it gets to hot outside.


4 thoughts on “Sunshine Run 10K Training: My Four-Weapon Arsenal

  1. Yes! I am a secret weapon! 😀

    Can I run the Sunshine Run with you?? I can’t wait to be your running partner again! I miss you!

  2. @Vicky Oops. It’s supposed to be announced.

    An update on my arsenal. I got the watch from Chris and a subscription to RW from Linden for my birthday. And I bought a subscription to WH with my birthday money. Yea! Motivation!

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