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Join the Movement to Kill IE6!

For those of you not on the web developer train, you may not know about the headaches outdated browsers can give us. Internet Explorer 6, specifically, has security issues and doesn’t conform to standards set forth by the powers that be. Last month, published this article, “IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On.” It says:

Internet Explorer 6 is outdated technology in a rapidly-changing Internet landscape. Imagine trying to use the social web, Microsoft Office, iTunes, IM, your video games, and all of your desktop apps…with a computer from 2001 (20 GB of space, 256 MB of RAM, anyone?). It’s the same thing: a great deal of new web technology is simply incompatible with IE6.

So I have joined the “movement” to kill IE6. For starters, A Fool of Myself and all the other sites I maintain no longer support the browser. Using Shockingly Big IE6 Warning WordPress plugin, these sites won’t work in an outdated browser and display an alert with links to new browsers like IE8, Firefox, or Chrome. I hope you’ll consider joining me!


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