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Whew! I. Am. Back.

As promised, it is August, and I have returned to A Fool of Myself. The strange thing is, I think I’ve forgotten how to write a decent blog post. Scary, isn’t it? I only have a few minutes until I’m finished with work today, so I’ll update you on July’s essentials very quickly.

  • The 30-Day Bible Challenge. Successful. I’m not quite finished with all my reading, but that wasn’t the point of the challenge. The point was to spend an intense amount of time in God’s Word over a concentrated period of time. I’ve got less than 100 chapters to read. I’ll let you know when I am officially finished.
  • Chris was laid off from work on July 6, and he finally returned to work yesterday. Things, especially financial things, have been interesting and will continue to be interesting for the next month or so as we recover from this mandatory vacation, but God has provided for us every step of the way, including loads of groceries from our mothers. Honestly, Chris was so laid back and happy while he was off, I was kinda sad that he had to go back to work. Do you think there’s any way he could stay home and get a paycheck?
  • Austin Creative. While Chris was off, he still worked 40 hours a week on Austin Creative stuff. AC is our new digital branding, graphic design, and content authoring business, and we got all official in July. We are legal in the state of Missouri, we have a federal ID number, we have a sales tax number, we have a post office box, we have business checking accounts (with debit cards), and we have a Twitter account. Technically, we have a website, but we need a few more weeks of TLC before it’ll be ready for everyone. Oh, and we have clients. They’re very important.
  • Marathon Training. Yeah, not so much. I reevaluated my fitness goals, and a marathon just isn’t important to me right now. Plus, I’d like to tone and speed up, so I’ll be focusing on strength training and shorter distances for a fall 10K I’m going to do. Will keep you posted on that, too.
  • Baby shower for brother’s babymama. Went awesome. She loved it! My favorite gift they received was baby camo for my niece. She will be adorable. I cannot wait to meet her in September!
  • Cats. They’re still alive. They’ve been “helping” me with some organizing around the house this week. (With all those groceries we got, I had to rearrange my pantry. And my spice/dry goods cabinets. And my glasses cupboard. And Martha, the mother-in-law, closed her business this month, so she donate a whole bunch of office supplies to us. So I’m organizing the office files and closet.) The cats are always concerned when I move “their” stuff around.

So that’s the skinny on what’s been going on. I’ll be back on Google Reader in a few days. I’ve missed you all!