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How I Organized My Yarn Stash (and Started Using it Up)

In May, my sister-in-law Kim gave me two huge boxes full of yarn that she’s never used. Loved this because it saved me from having to buy yarn for those miscellaneous projects that come up from time to time. But there was so much that there was no way to organize it without some help. Seriously, look at the stash in the picture below. This is all the yarn excluding the specialty yarns and the five skeins of black yarn.

I scoured the Internet looking for a solution, but I couldn’t find anything that was both attractive and utilitarian. I wanted to be able to see all of my collection in case I was looking for a particular color, but Chris wanted something that was contained, ideally behind a door or in a box somewhere. Neither of us wanted the spare bedroom to become the “craft room.”

Thankfully, my incredible, awesome husband realized that I would not rest until my yarn was organized, and he remembered that we needed a closet system for that room anyway, so he and I picked out a system at Lowe’s that would both hold all my yarn and many cables and electronics we need access to. Plus, there’s three rods to hang clothes on, so this closet has now become home to my wedding dress and Chris’s kilt. (Don’t ask.) And there’s room to spare, so when a guest comes, they’ll have a place to hang their clothes. Here’s the pic:

Drawers on bottom for cords and specialty yarns. Skeins of sport-weight yarn on top. Smaller balls of yarn hanging in a shoe bag. Don’t you just love the rainbow?

Me, too. Which is why I promptly started what Chris has christened the Fiest-Afghan. Here are the pieces laid out:

So it’s a little bright, but it used up a lot of the bits and pieces I had floating around, and once finished, it will use up an entire skein of navy blue yarn. Each of the above squares will get a navy blue round and the entire afghan will get a navy blue border. And it already has a home. My pal Lyndsey is going to get it! Yea!

I have some more projects in my queue. Two crobots. One for Sarah. One for Another Chris. Baby afghan for my upcoming niece Livie Jo. (Have I told you how excited I am about this kid?) Then we’ll see what happens. I have at least six skeins of camoflage yarn to use for something. Anyone know any hunters who need a sweater? 🙂


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