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On the Road Again

For the second time this week, I went to bed before my bedtime and woke up just as the sun was rising to go running with The Other Sarah. We ran 3.1 miles in less than 36 minutes. Started off at a pretty good clip (11:30/mile), but that only lasted until we got to the third mile when my butt and hamstrings literally said, “We am not doing this any more.” Our last mile featured a lot of walking breaks. No matter, you have to run faster to get faster, and since Other Sarah had a pretty easy Crossfit workout, we were able to take our speed up a notch. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt for me to speed up a teensy bit; Linden has been running with her speedy hubby for almost two years, and she’s gotten speedy, too. I won’t be able to keep up with her when she returns in September.

Tomorrow is my first speedwork class, which is likely to include a lesson on vomiting. My goals are to 1) Wake up and get to class at 5:45 AM, 2) Run all assignments, even if I’m getting smoked by others, and 3) Adequately cool down and stretch before driving home. I’m a little concerned that this class might be too much too soon, but I know I can’t make it to next Thursday’s class, so I’ll have two weeks to recover from this hard workout. And Other Sarah and I have already decided that Friday’s run will be easy, so we can work the kinks out of our legs.

My body is slowing remembering that we used to run like this all the time. My abs are like, “Oh, you haven’t used us like that in a while.” And my hamstrings are saying, “We’re a little tight from sitting in that office chair all day long. Don’t forget to stretch us!” So I’m remembering what it means to be a good, healthy runner. Trying to stretch every day. Going to do some ab work and strength training once I get a few more weeks under my belt. Eating the prescribed calories before and after workouts. Drinking water. Sleeping.

It’s funny, after only three days of behaving like a runner and actually running, I already feel like a runner again. And it always surprises me how a little bit of hard, physical work wipes away much of my body-related anxieties/perceptions/unhappiness. I love that.


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