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8 Things: I've Been Tagged!

My blogging pal lifestudent tagged me yesterday. With a lack of ideas today, I thought I might keep the fun alive. Here we go:

8 Things To Which I Am Looking Forward

  1. 5/22: The first day of my 10-day vacation.
  2. 5/28: The second annual Ladies Trail Ride with my mom, aunt, and horses.
  3. 6/6: The day both sisters-in-law arrive in Nixa with their hubbies and kiddos.
  4. 6/10: My four-year wedding anniversary.
  5. 7/15: The release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  6. 9/9ish: The arrival of my brother’s first-born Livie Jo.
  7. 9/10: The return of Linden.
  8. 9/12: The opening leg of U2’s American tour at Soldier Field in Chicago.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Woke up at 5:25 AM
  2. Ran three miles
  3. Made a rather disgusting batch of iced coffee
  4. Watched a biography on Cameron Diaz
  5. Ate lunch with my pal Heather and her kiddo Noah
  6. Celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday
  7. Began reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  8. Went to bed at 10:15 PM

8 Things I’d Like to Do

  1. Run four days a week (in the mornings) all summer long
  2. Spend my vacation on a beach reading
  3. Find two solid-wood chests of drawers to refinish this summer
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Buy the perfect pair of blue jeans
  6. Make ice cream
  7. Find uses for the three tubs of yarn I’ve recently been given
  8. Go bungee jumping again

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Dancing with the Stars
  2. So You Think You Can Dance
  3. The Office
  4. CSI
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. Private Practice
  7. Cupid
  8. Castle

8 People I Tag (and People Whose Blogs You Should Read)

  1. The Other Sarah
  2. Teresa
  3. Betsy
  4. Jen
  5. Another Chris
  6. Sabre
  7. Jason
  8. Linden, of course