A Fool of Myself / Editing / Training

Whirlwind Weekend

I think I have recovered from my weekend. Talk about a whirlwind! I spent Friday hanging out with my family for the brother’s college graduation. Always the center of attention, Jacob received the longest applause and a standing ovation from the entire crowd. Of course, he was the last name called, and good things come to those who wait. Friday night, Chris and I went on a late-night date to see Angels and Demons. Having never read the book, I liked it far better than I liked The Da Vinci Code; it was not nearly as controversial and much easier to follow.

On Saturday, we trekked to Overland Park, Kansas, for our oldest nephew Cameron’s senior piano recital and high school graduation. He is one talented kid, and he tackled some pretty difficult music. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him! Got to spend a little bit of time with the rest of the family. Not nearly enough time for all five kids, but they’ll be in town in two weeks to hang with the whole crew: Schmutzler clan (2 adults, 5 kids), Bryson clan (2 adults, 3 kids), and Austin clan (2 adults, 2 cats). And Chris’s parents. And Chris’s grandparents. That will be a crazy weekend, but hopefully there will be some time to do some spoilin’. I LOVE being an aunt!

Sunday. Lots of meetings. But we got to hear my friend Heather’s testimony. I’ve read it a million times because she’s written a book, and I’ve done some editing on it, but it was so different hearing it in person.

Today. Ran 2.93 miles with Sarah at 6 AM. If I am going to get any running in this summer, it’s got to be in the mornings. I am forcing myself to wake up early with the promise of coffee. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying that if this goes well, it could be called pre-marathon training, so let’s just say that if this goes well and I stick to it, I might be doing a long-distance race this fall. (!!!) We are meeting at Crossfit on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, so we can hit the road right after her class, and we’ll be running 30-40 minutes. On Thursdays, we’re meeting at a local track to do a speed class. I’m sure I’ll have a vomiting story on Thursday for you.

Lunch with Heather. Dinner at Chris’s grandparents’ house for a birthday dinner for his mom. We’ll either play cards or watch the Dancing with the Stars finale.

And really the rest of the week is easy peasy. Well, I have to do everything twice this week because I’m off ALL NEXT WEEK, so that could get a teensy weensy hectic, but it’s nothing terrible. And my boss leaves town on Thursday for a 10-day trip to Europe, so there’s the possibility I might get hit with a handful of extra tasks before he leaves. But it will be worth it for one week of freedom, sweet freedom!