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Five-Minute Update: May is Insane; June isn't Looking Better

So I’m running behind this afternoon, missed the 4:30 mail pick-up, and it’s looking like I’ll be late for dinner, so I thought I’d shoot you all a quick update.* Weekend was crazy. Friday night Chris and I wrapped up our spare bedroom project by painting trim, assembling the bed, and attempting to hang sword cases. Yes, sword cases. They came down shortly after they were hung because they were too heavy. Awesome surprise: door knobs are spray-paintable! No more ugly brass door knobs! They now are Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze.

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune auditions in Branson with old friend Jenn. Lunch at Danna’s BBQ. Dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Surprisingly, Nixa traffic was more crazy than Branson’s. That’s saying something.

Sunday. Awesome group of kiddo’s in KidLife. Going to miss them. I’ve stepped down from teaching next year. It’s the right choice even though I’m just getting into the groove of teaching 1st- and 2nd-graders.

Monday. Social Media Think Tank meeting in Springfield. Love meeting other social media junkies. Seriously, the way we all introduced ourselves (Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m addicted to Twitter.), you’d think we were at a social media anonymous group. Can’t wait to see what comes of this group. Tonight: dinner with hubby’s extended fam. Lots of canasta and incredible food.

Tuesday. Normal day. Springfield blogger’s meeting. Several have RSVPed. I love meeting new bloggers.

Wednesday. Hair cut. Bangs are crazy thick right now.

Thursday. Absolutely nothing, unless Other Sarah decides to go running after work.

Friday. Bro’s graduation. Praise Jesus!

Saturday. Nephew’s graduation. Can’t wait to give him his ninja crobot.

Sunday. Busy night of meetings at LifePoint.

I could continue, but you get the picture. May is crazy. And June is shaping up to be as well. Thankfully, I’ve had the foresight to take off the entire week of Memorial Day. Yes!

*Forgive my lack of linking. I’m in a hurry.