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25 Perfectly Normal Things About Sarah

It is a another Facebook Notes meme Saturday, and this one has me looking incredibly vain because it is all about me (and my great hair). Simply put, it’s 25 random things about me (and yes, I published it on Facebook earlier this year). Enjoy your Saturday!

  1. Sarah’s least favorite meat is chicken. She prefers steak, fish, pork, seafood, etc. over chicken any day of the week.
  2. That said, Sarah loves Mexican food. In close second: BBQ.
  3. Sarah bungee jumped when she was 16 and wants to sky dive eventually (though Chris will probably never let it happen).
  4. Sarah loves driving, especially on warm days with good music on the radio.
  5. Sarah also loves National Public Radio and listens to WBUR (the Boston station) somewhat obsessively when she is at work.
  6. Sarah does not own Apple Bottom jeans or boots with fur, but she loves the song “Shorty Got Low.”
  7. Sarah has traveled to China and Mexico on mission trips. On both, God confirmed that Sarah is not meant for long-term overseas missions.
  8. Sarah works at a church, which is the last place she ever dreamed of working. Ironically, the job is perfect for her because she gets to wear jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops to work; manage her own time; and use her tech writing and web development skills. Plus, she gets to be hyper-anal about her filing systems.
  9. Sarah’s most-watched TV show in her collection is Friends, and her most-watched movie is The Cutting Edge.
  10. Sarah has seen U2, Bon Jovi, Daughtry, Coldplay, and Alison Kraus in concert. Bon Jovi, by far, put on the best show.
  11. Sarah follows the Abs Diet, which she emphatically insists is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Sarah, according to her father-in-law, is the luckiest card player in her husband’s family. She always has plenty of sevens and wild cards to spare when playing Canasta against Don.
  13. Sarah has natural highlights in her hair, which, she’s been told, are the envy of women everywhere. Plus, she saves tons of money on hair maintenance.
  14. Sarah also has incredibly thick hair. Every stylist she’s ever used comments on her hair’s thickness. She has to have it thinned every time she has it cut.
  15. Sarah is pale, but she’s not fair skinned. Her Indian blood allows her to tan pretty easily (that is, when she gets outside).
  16. Sarah prefers winter to summer. Her reasoning? When it’s hot, you can take off all your clothes and still be hot, but when you’re cold, you can always pile on the layers to get warm.
  17. Sarah speaks for her cats. Ravi and Mowgli each have distinctive voices, and she has full-fledged conversations with them. She’s been told it’s creepy to observe, but she comes from a long line of animal talkers. (Thanks, Mom!)
  18. Sarah’s favorite color is orange. This choice comes from Sarah’s love of being difficult and different. Everyone, she reasons, loves blue and green, but not many people are big fans of orange.
  19. Sarah hates crowds, loud noises, and surprises.
  20. Sarah makes her husband mop the floors in their house, but in return she cleans out the litterbox and cleans the toilets.
  21. Sarah has an idea for a novel cooked up in the back of her head, but every time she tries to flesh it out on the computer, it won’t materialize.
  22. Sarah guards her friendships and keeps only a few people uber-close, but she’s extremely loyal and puts her heart and soul into those close relationships.
  23. Sarah sang in every choir that was available from elementary school to high school, and she sang in the state music contest twice in high school. Once she got to college, she stopped singing because of some very intimidating well-sung friends and roommates.
  24. Sarah finds teaching the most unnatural thing in the world and hated teaching during her graduate assistantship. She currently teaches first- and second-graders on Sunday mornings at church and finds them no less intimidating but much more forgiving than college students.
  25. Sarah hates being first in command but loves being second in command. She hates when all responsibility for something falls on her shoulders but very much enjoys supporting whoever has that role. (Another reason she hates teaching and loves her job.)