Brilliantly Creative

S is for Sarah

Another Facebook meme for this fine Saturday morning. This time, I’m looking for words that start with the first letter of my name. (Yes, I actually posted this on FB a month or so ago, but I still wanted to share it here.)

  • What is your name: Sarah
  • A four letter word: Spam
  • A boy’s name: Sam
  • A girl’s name: Sharon
  • An occupation: Sample lady at the grocery store
  • A color: Sand
  • Something you wear: Socks
  • A food: Shrimp
  • Something found in the bathroom: Shampoo
  • A place: Seattle
  • A reason for being late: Sex
  • Something you shout: Sorry!
  • A movie title: Sabrina
  • Something you drink: Soda
  • A musical group: Snow Patrol
  • An animal: Snail
  • A street name: Second St.
  • A type of car: Sedan

Have a great weekend!