A Fool of Myself

I Feel Like Pond Scum Today…

…but I don’t really want to talk about it. So instead I went to YouTube to find kitten videos to cheer me up. This one of a kitten vs. an electric toothbrush did the trick. Hope you like it.


3 thoughts on “I Feel Like Pond Scum Today…

  1. Goodness. Did I mistakenly pass off my bad mood from yesterday onto you? I hope not!

    If you need/want to chat (or text or tweet) you know where to find me. I would approach first but sometimes I know ya just don’t want to talk. (I’m that way.)


    • @Sarah No, the bad mood was from something else. I’ll explain when you see me next.

      @lifestudent Haven’t tried the electric toothbrush trick yet. I will add it to my bag of annoying-the-cat tactics.

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