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3 Things Twitter's Been Doin' for Me Lately

You all know that I’ve been a little excited about Twitter lately. This remains true, but I think my excitement has tapered off just enough that I hope I’m no longer annoying. I’ve got multiple accounts set up, and I’m using several tools to help me manage those accounts. Today, though, I want to share what Twitter has been doing for me lately.

1. Twitter Allows Me to Share My Interests with Others

In addition to being excited about Twitter, I also get excited about blogging, but I realize that my personal life and the friends who follow my personal account don’t necessarily share those same interests, which is why I created Blogger’s Guide and Tweeple’s Guide accounts just so I can share the reading material I come across that I deem shareable. And yes, there are two accounts because blogging and twittering don’t necessarily overlap for all people (though I think they should).

2. Twitters Provides New Reading Material

I love my Google Reader as much as the next blogger, and a lot of the material I share on Blogger’s Guide and Tweeple’s Guide come from the blogs and websites I read. At the same time, I still miss a lot of fresh blogging- and Twitter-related material on the web. Every day, I scan through the Twitter feeds for BG and TG, looking for articles that I’ve missed. I read them, and if I think my followers will enjoy them, I retweet them to the appropriate account.

3. Twitter Helps Me Network with Others

My BG and TG accounts are new (since January) and pretty much unknown in Twitter circles. Still, I spend a bit of time every week looking for people who might be interested in following me. Enter Twitter Search. At first, I searched for blogging- and Twitter-related keywords to scope out new people, but the search results were overwhelming. Lately, I’ve tied those same searches to Springfield, Missouri, and found many bloggers and twitterers in my area. Even though these accounts are not geographically specific, I think tying them to a specific place and a specific person (me) builds their credibility.

So that’s what Twitter’s been doing for me lately. What’s it been doing for you?


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