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2 WordPress Plugins to Mobilize Your Blog

Yesterday, I shared with you seven best practices for adding mobility to your blog, and I promised a few WordPress plugins for making your blog even more accessible with a smartphone. The two plugins I recommend tackle mobile style sheets for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and a plethora of other smartphones that are coming out every month by stripping out the fluff (i.e. extra-large headers, lengthy sidebars, and traditional navigation) on our regular blogs and leaving the bare reading essentials. Here we go…

I use this plugin to “mobilize” my sites across smartphones, for it turns my blogs into mobile sites on any hand-held device. It also gives me the option of forcing my mobile site on regular devices and allows me to decide what mobile browsers I want my blog to render in. Additionally, it comes with two style sheets but allows me to create and upload my own mobile style sheets, style sheets that could match my own site or include missing functionality that I deem important.

WPtouch: WordPress on iPhone
For the iPhone, I prefer the WPtouch plugin because it includes a lot of iPhone-specific bells and whistles. With it, you can redirect your home page, pick and choose Javascript and AJAX functions, specify colors, and select what meta information to display. The uber-cool Google functions that I love allow me to add my Adsense ID and my Analytics tracking code, so I can advertise and track my traffic on any Apple hand-held. This plugin comes with a library of icons to assign to pages and includes a Photoshop template for creating your own icons. Lastly, WPtouch works with other WordPress plugins FlickrRSS and to show photos and videos.

I consider these two plugins essential if you intend to share your blog with readers on their mobile devices. Yesterday’s seven best practices coupled with these plugins will  get you on the road to a mobile blog that your readers will want to access no matter their location.


4 thoughts on “2 WordPress Plugins to Mobilize Your Blog

  1. I am SO glad to hear there is a plug/in to create a moblie spreadsheet!! I have been meaning to make one myself since I installed WP, but I dreaded the huge project I knew it would be. Awesome.

  2. So how complicated do you think installing both of these is? Would I need to create my own style sheet? Or can it pick up the style sheets from my theme? Not sure how that works in there…

  3. @lorraine: It’s not hard at all! I had them both installed and had fiddled with the settings within 15 minutes. I didn’t create my own style sheet because I’m pretty happy with the built-in ones.

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