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The Skittles Social Media Dream: Taste the Rainbow

2061152451_8b055e389a_mThe blogosphere and the twittersphere were abuzz about yesterday. Before you read the rest of the post, check it out (you’ll have to provide your birthday and agree to the terms and conditions) and report back to me. Interesting, huh? Essentially, Skittles is utilizing the power of social media–using what Skittle eaters were already saying–to generate content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

Everyone has had an opinion, and I know the hype will die down quickly, as all things do on the Internet, but I gotta say, I think Skittles got it right. Skittles figured out that people will come to their site to look up nutritional information or to contact the company, but those same people won’t stick around for much else. But they might already be talking on Twitter about the Skittles snack they’re eating. Or they might join other Skittle eaters in a group on Facebook. Or they might take a cool photo of Skittles to share on Flickr. Or they might make a Skittles-themed video for YouTube. I don’t eat a lot of Skittles, but I might be inclined to check out Skittles on these sites.

As a web developer who is quickly becoming a social media nut, I’m totally envious of all that content, all those users. Talk about a dream! I struggle with LifePoint Online (our entire online presence) and the lack of participation on our web site and on our Facebook page. We’re getting to know Twitter. We’re on YouTube, but not much is happening there because we haven’t really pushed it. And we’re not on Flickr (yet?). I’m not sure who’s fault it is, this lack of participation. On one hand, I’m probably a little too gung-ho on this whole social media craze, but am I wrong to see its possibilities at LifePoint? On the other hand, many of our people are just now getting on the social media train, and it’s not their fault we’re remedial social networkers. We’re in the Midwest, the Ozarks. Things move a little slow here.

So I guess I’m just dreaming today. Tasting the social media rainbow, so to speak. Imagining what might someday be for LifePoint Online.