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Super-Size My Moleskine, Please


It’s no secret that I am a lover of the Moleskine. I have five in use right now + another that needs to be finished off (it’s not currently in use) + two that are waiting patiently in the wings. I currently use two sizes: the pocket size for on-the-go notetaking (i.e. food diary, workout log, idea book, and sermon notes (I have a pocket-sized Bible)) and the large size for my bedside journal. Ever since I was introduced to my favorite notebook, I’ve longed for a bigger, meatier Moleskine that would put spiral notebooks in their place. (In all actuality, I haven’t owned a spiral notebook since HS. I write solely on gridded paper, so I buy gridded pads.)

My dream has come true! Moleskine is introducing The Folio Collection this spring. According to Core77, “The books will be available in 5 styles:

  • Ruled book : 176 pages, available in the A4 format
  • Plain book : 176 pages, available in the A4 and A3 formats
  • Portfolio : an accordion-style tool featuring big pockets in cardboard and cloth, available in A4 and A3 formats
  • Sketchbook : 96 large pages in high quality heavy paper, available in A4 and A3 formats
  • Watercolour Album : 60 pages, heavy paper, 200 gsm, cold pressed, available in the A4 and A3 format”

A little disappointed that the gridded book isn’t on their list, but I’m hoping they’ll add it soon. Definitely going to pick up a portfolio to manage all those loose papers I acquire and need to move back and forth from home to work. For the record, when I was doing my thesis research, I told Chris that I wanted Moleskine to make one of these. I think I’m more excited about super-sized Moleskine’s than I am about Harry Potter this summer!


2 thoughts on “Super-Size My Moleskine, Please

  1. I’ve checked–they only have cahier-style folios here, no hard-backed ones. But they do have gridded cahiers! Black cardboard cover and brown. Oooh, I can’t wait for this either, but I am definitely more excited about HP. Does that mean you’re more of a Moleskine fan than me??

    • I’m so very excited about the file-folder-like folios. They’ll be perfect for those printouts I carry around for reference.

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