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Frazzle Rock: My New TV Show

If I could create a TV show based on my day, I would call it “Frazzle Rock.” I have been frazzled all day long, and it would be a good day to live underground and eat radishes. My day has been insane since my first step into the office today, and on top of that, I had a cup of coffee this morning, so I’m jittery on top of everything else.

First, a quick update on my meeting with the youth guy last night: CB was totally onboard with Twitter, and he started getting the youth to sign up last night. Introduced him to HootSuite and TweetDeck and got the youth account set up. I’m excited to see how he’ll be using it to stay in touch with the students and their parents. On to my Thursday…

My first joy of the morning was a note from my boss to return some books that we had purchased for the resource wall. We’re in the middle of a sermon series about the family, so the wall is covered with books about marriage, sex, parenting, kids, teens, etc. To his dismay last night, the boss noticed that the book titled “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality” was endorsed by Ted Haggard. Eek! Granted, the book was published long before the incident, but as a church, we simply can’t recommend books with that kind of endorsement.

And women’s Bible study was this morning, which was fine and I love having the moms and their kids in the building, but when you’re already frazzled, more activity is not what you need. Once the building cleared out, I was able to tackle my set of Thursday tasks. Then I got a series of phone calls from miscellaneous people asking a variety of different things of me, and I hadn’t had lunch, so I was not only jittery but getting grouchy.

Ate lunch, took 30 minutes to just sit and breathe, and then I had a meeting with Linden to discuss our Twitter project. I really didn’t think we had too much to discuss, but I have quite a few notes. We discussed the audience and scope of our project and nailed down some goals for it. Not sure when or where we’ll release it to the public, but we think it will be a good resource for those who are brand new to Twitter and haven’t figured it out, whether for personal or business use. It was awesome to talk to Linden (gotta love Google voice chat), but we both agreed it will be tons better when we’re both on the same continent.

After wrapping up some loose ends in the office, I took some notes and brainstormed for a creative communications meeting tonight. Web development falls under creative comm along with photography, design, video, and production at LifePoint, and the leaders of all those areas are meeting tonight for coffee. I have seven minutes to hit the highlights of web development, and my three main points are

  1. Twitter implementation
  2. Sermon archiving
  3. Redemption story writing

I’ll also be commenting on specific challenges I’m facing right now, which are training my volunteers to take some of my web development load and creating fresh content for the web site. And then we’re brainstorming for the next sermon series on Ruth; I have some ideas, but they’re in no way related to web development.

Now wouldn’t you all watch a TV show of me in my cave-office going about my day? Granted, I’d be a bit muppet-ish, but that’s part of the fun!


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