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Pitching Twitter to the Youth Guy: Benefits, Uses, and Applications

Thinking, thinking, thinking this morning. But first some randomness:

  • We ordered pizza for Explore LifePoint on Sunday night, and the pizza guy left his pizza carrying bags here. I called Pizza Hut, but no one has come by to pick them up. My question: If you’re a pizza delivery guy, how do you forget your bags?
  • My mom is now on Twitter (handle: RowdyJo). It’s awesome that my mom is playing with technology, but I’m still a bit stunned. Furthermore, I have no idea where her handle came from (her name is Vicky Jo). And while she’s not the first person in Clinton, Missouri, to be on Twitter, she is the third. And the first woman. The others are a guy who plays a lot of video games and probably doesn’t wear pants and a young minister that I don’t know. And you all know me, I’m a thinker, and as I was thinking and showering this morning, it occurred to me that the Henry County Sheriff’s Posse could utilize Twitter to communicate with one another via their cell phones. (My mom’s on the posse.)
  • I’ve had Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song in my head all morning, and my brain is singing, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

Now that you know all those random things, let’s get on to why I need to write today. I have a meeting tonight with LifePoint’s youth guy to discuss with him Twitter and its potential applications for the youth and their parents. CB and his wife both joined Twitter last week and are still playing with it. He’s already figured out that Twitter is a fast way to “instant message” with me. I’m thinking through how I should broach the subject with him. Here’s some talking points I’m tossing around:


  • Communicates nearly instantly
  • Targets youth, their parents, and youth workers
  • Allows one-to-many notifications
  • Allows for conversation with and among youth/parents/workers
  • Makes CB accessible


  • Update and remind youth/parents/workers
  • Call youth/parents to action
  • Reinforce messages
  • Promote events
  • Share events as they happen with TwitPic
  • Converse with youth/parents/workers


  • Wish youth happy birthday
  • Send prayer requests to youth group
  • Remind youth/parents of your message’s main points/action steps on Thursdays
  • Share camp and D-Now pics and activities with parents who are at home

I’ll use Disciple Now as a practical example. Last weekend would have been a perfect opportunity to tweet. First off, CB could’ve promoted D-Now to the youth and encouraged them to bring friends at the last minute (e.g. “D-Now starts tonight at 6 PM. It’s not too late to invite a friend or your entire lunch table!”). The youth turned in their cell phones for the weekend, so CB could’ve shared the weekend with their parents as it happened (e.g. “David Crowder puts on an amazing show. Even more amazing: Watching your youth worship. God’s already working!”). Even more, CB could’ve shared the main talking points of the weekend, so the parents could follow up with their youth and ask meaningful questions about the weekend. And let’s not forget all the pictures Chris could’ve shared as the weekend progressed.

I don’t think Twitter will be a tough sell. CB is pretty tech savvy, and he appreciates good communication. Even more helpful will be a follow-up to the key ministry discussion from Sunday night. All of us discussed the need to get whole families involved with the youth and the children and getting parents to take the lead in discipling their kids. Whereas the current stream of information starts with CB, goes to the youth, and might get to the parents (think straight line), Twitter will allow for a triangle of communication where CB can communicate with youth and parents simultaneously, parents can communicate with youth and CB, and youth can communicate with CB and parents. And lest we forget, the youth can talk to one another, and the parents can talk to one another, too.

If he takes the bait, we’ll need to move quickly. There’s a parent/student meeting on Sunday after church, and that meeting is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get signed up and tweeting. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!


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