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Youngest Generations Integrate Internet Fastest, Barna Reports

A few notes before my day gets too crazy. The Barna Group is out this morning with a new report on how technology drives the generation gap. I will never be able to afford their actual studies, but the summary had some interesting facts and figures. In sum, they’ve figured out that the youngest of American generations–what they call the Mosaics–is integrating technology into their lives at a faster pace than the older generations. Big surprise there.

And naturally, the 18-24 class and the “Busters” (25-40, I think. The generation after the baby boomers) are integrating more mainstream technology into their lives faster than the Boomers and the “Elders” (the generation before the baby boomers). Everyone, it seems, is using the Internet for email, searching, etc. and across all generations, there seems to be an increase in the creation of personal home pages or blogs, watching TV shows and movies online, and download music. (It’s no wonder, is awesome.) All in all, everyone is becoming more dependent on the Internet.

As a web developer, it’s encouraging to see more and more people going online, and it’s encouraging to know that the generations ahead of me are integrating the Internet into their lives more and more. Of course, I could’ve told you that. My mom, aunt, and mother-in-law are on Facebook (Boomers) and so are my two sisters-in-law (Busters). And my mother-in-law watched 24 online a few weeks ago after Chris and I told her she could catch up on the episodes she missed (we are so proud). Now, if only there were a way to get those generations to stop sending me meaningless email forwards…

I digress. As for me, I’m an ’82 baby and fall into those transition years between generations. I could be a Buster or a Mosaic, but based upon my use of technology and the importance the Internet plays on my life (it’s sorta my career, so it’s sorta important), I’m gonna go with the Mosaics. My age/generation/enthusiasm presents a challenge in my web development at LifePoint because the Internet is like my fifth appendage, and for those who’ve never had a fifth appendage and have survived quite well without it, it can be difficult to explain the need for it. (That made sense in my head. Did you get the analogy?) The generations ahead of me–many of LPC’s people are Busters and we’re getting more Boomers–need a better reason than, “Because it’s awesome!” to convince them to get on the Internet train. But I’ve always loved a challenge, so we’ll see how this goes.


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  1. Oh, blog master,
    Why do you think that MyYahoo RSS link isn’t updating your post from A Fool of Myself? Are you twittering these additions or would that make a difference.
    I can access your blog via the link, but it hasn’t updated since Church 2.0

    • @vicky
      I changed my blog template last week, and that changed the structure a bit. Try resubscribing, and it should work.

  2. Well, the forward-addicts need to take a good look at and see just why sending forwards is such a bad idea. It isn’t Snopes, but it goes more into why virals are such a bad idea no matter how well-intentioned the sender thinks they are. Also, I have a network for Christians breaking chain letters because Christians have an absolutely crappy rep for passing on this stuff, and I want to turn the tide. Hmmm, bout the generation thing, I never heard this terminology before. It was always gen-x, (after the boomers) and then gen-y, but I don’t remember when one ends and the other begins.

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