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Sarah Needs…Sarah Wants

A fun post today because last night was a bit depressing. And it’s a game (yes, imported from Facebook, but still fun.) Here we go. Google your first name + needs. Share the top ten results. Here are mine:

  1. Sarah needs a cold shower.
  2. Sarah needs to get her life back.
  3. Sarah needs a date, maybe some fun, and if it works out a bit of schtupping.
  4. Sarah needs your manly vote.
  5. Sarah needs more love lyrics.
  6. Sarah needs to make a cake and some cookies.
  7. Sarah needs to hand him one of those weapons that went off without warning.
  8. Sarah Needs is on Facebook.
  9. Sarah needs to feel peaceful, and also needs to feel equal to (or better than) everyone else.
  10. Sarah needs a Wii.

Ironically, most of these are somewhat true. Gotta love Google. I also googled “Sarah wants,” and here are those results:

  1. Sarah wants to be president.
  2. Sarah wants us to know that she’ll help expand that hole.
  3. Sarah wants recognition as a leader in her sport.
  4. Sarah wants to contact you.
  5. Sarah wants to know about fare incentives to discourage people from arriving by car.
  6. Sarah Wants is on Facebook.
  7. Sarah wants to pour you a drink.
  8. Sarah wants more Dino talk.
  9. Sarah wants to know more about disabled veterans.
  10. Sarah wants to do to America what she did to Alaska.

Big surprise. A lot of those reference Sarah Palin.


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