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Mercy for the Inadequate

OK. Quick post tonight. But I want to share this because it matters.

Chris and I went to Barnes and Noble after dinner tonight, and we saw a young woman (30s) that we’ve seen at Borders and Barnes and Noble before. I always remember this woman because she has a disability that makes her memorable, and every time I see her, I get frustrated over an old memory.

When I was a server at Applebee’s, this woman was one of my first customers. Mind you, I had worked there two years as a hostess, but during my first week as a server, this woman and a few of her friends sat at one of my tables. She and her friends were horrible to me. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Now granted, I was a terrible server. I readily admit that. But no human being deserves to be treated so poorly.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this. But I needed to get it off my chest. I just wanted to remind you that when you eat out, your servers are people, too. They have bad days, and they have good days. They know they’re inadequate when they’re being inadequate. They don’t need to be told. They just need a little mercy.

Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “Mercy for the Inadequate

  1. Hello, I just happened to surf-in! Interesting comment about the treatment of people who serve customers at places to eat. I suspect with the economy the way it is, that people are going to get even testier and that the situation is only going to get worse. I thing we are all going to have to stop and take time to smell the roses to appreciate what we do have, in order to get through this.

    • Thomas, glad you found me! I agree that people will probably get grouchier as the economy worsens, but my little story happened in 2004, when everything was fine! Even so, I don’t think the economy is an excuse to treat people poorly; it’s a time to extend more grace and mercy to those around us. I hope you keep reading!

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