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A Collaborative-Writing Project That Doesn't Involve A Grade

I am wiped out this afternoon. I nap sounds blissful, but I need to run errands straight after work. Well, I could postpone them to tomorrow. The chances that I’m going to need my dry cleaning before tomorrow morning is slim. But I also need to get milk. And I thought I might pick up a couple of Junior Frosty’s for Chris and me to snack on tonight while watching smutty television. And I’m thinking Papa Murphy’s pizza is a good idea, too. Ugh.

Not necessarily any progress on anything I mentioned yesterday. Well, I did work a few hours on my and Linden’s collaborative writing project. It’s shaping up nicely. It might make a decent eBook, but I’m not sure what the minimum length for an eBook should be. It’s six pages right now + any formatting and graphics we added to make it fancy. (Hmm…I have a husband who could do that for us…) It’s definitely too long for one blog post. That’s for sure. (And can I say how nice it is to work on a collaborative project without being concerned for my academic future?)

Sunday is coming, and LifePoint is starting a new Twitter account for worship experiences. Essentially, Chris (for now) is going to be live tweeting the 10:40 service with song titles and Lane’s main sermon points. We’re going to let him get one or two Sundays under his belt before we announce it officially, but we think it will augment the podcast nicely.

I have one more thing to do before heading home today, so I better get to it. Going to try and keep my Internet time “lite” tonight and enjoy the conclusion of the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice “crossover event” without tweeting about it.


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  1. I never get to see the greys/private practice in real time … have to tape it. BUT, I’m excited to see the outcome. I have some suspicions, but I’m hoping they suprise me!

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