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New Church 2.0 Category

Quick post tonight because I need to leave for community group in 15 minutes. I’m starting a new category on A Fool of Myself. I need a place to brainstorm, write, and muse about what I’m encountering in the school of what’s been dubbed Church 2.0 (or what church looks like in light of Web 2.0). As many of you know, in addition to my administrative responsibilities at LifePoint, I’m our web development chick, but what you may not know is that my Master’s thesis was about Church 2.0. Consider this continuation of my research. Heck, I might even post my thesis for the world to read.

Today I’m struggling/chewing on Twitter. I love Twitter. And the more I read and think and read and think, the more possibilities I see for LifePoint on Twitter. But let’s face it, I tend to be on the bleeding edge of these things, and I need to make it very palatable to LPC’s leaders before they’ll take hold of it. (Sort of like Facebook a year ago.) But leading people is really hard for me. I’m not one who moves masses of people. But if I can get the leadership on board, the masses will soon follow. (I realize that I sound like a Communist or something.)

Anyway, I just need a place to think. And I don’t know how much I’ll be writing, so I don’t want to add another blog to my plate. I have plenty to say and more resources than I can keep track of right now. Stay tuned!