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I Am That Girl

I am the girl with a color-coded filing system. I am the girl who had a moment this morning (OK, OK, an hour of moments) when the green Sharpie she uses to label her day-to-day files went missing.

I had a choice this morning. I could’ve chosen another color with which to label my files, but that was not acceptable to me. You see, it’s February. We are a mere 40 days into the year, and my 2009 filing system is virtually brand new. I was not going to taint my very pretty filing system with an “off” color. And so I didn’t. I scoured the building for my missing markers. I announced an all-points bulletin on Twitter and Facebook for my markers. And my patience paid off. My markers were found and returned this afternoon, and I did not have to taint my files.

I am the girl who is particular about her files and who keeps tight tabs on her Sharpies. Don’t mess with me.


7 thoughts on “I Am That Girl

  1. I like my 10 pack of sharpies, too!
    I color code the school districts I substitute in with different colors in my calendar. Some months it is like a rainbow. πŸ™‚

  2. Um, is there something wrong with being that way? *adds one more thing to her written-in-sharpie, color-coded list of things she needs to work on*

    • I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with being particular about how my things are organized. I’m very glad there are others in the world who are protective of their Sharpies, too!

  3. meaning my comments were tongue in cheek. I’m having problems with thorough communication lately. πŸ™‚

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