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There Are Days I Really Love My Job…

And today was one of them.

Most of you know that my job is pretty straightforward. Nothing new happens very often. Everything can be very mundane. I actually look forward to our staff meetings, if that tells you anything. But today was awesome. Allow me to explain.

We ordered lunch for 15-20 men for an event we’re hosting next Monday, but the food came today due to a mix up in the order. So it was 10:30 this morning, and we have a pulled-pork lunch to rid ourselves of. What to do?

Thankfully, my boss was on the same page as I was, called the caterer to tell him we were keeping and paying for the food, and sent me to invite the construction crew who is working on the intersection by the church over for a hot lunch. When I opened the door to the construction office, the supervisor totally expected me to complain about something (because that’s what usually happens when someone off the street comes by) and was completely flabbergasted that we wanted to share our catering mix-up with him and his crew.

I have a soft spot in my heart for construction workers because my dad is one, and I’ve wanted to do something for this crew since the project started last fall. I guess I remember the stories Dad told when I lived at home about random things he got to do because he was in the right place at the right time. Like the day when his boss got the entire crew into the Nascar press tent for brunch at a Kansas Speedway event because the boss did a favor for someone in the press (or at the Speedway. I can’t remember the specific details).

So the crew of seven came over for lunch, two in a loader (which Dennis and Lane offered to drive), to eat our pulled pork. It was good to talk with them a bit and give them a hot lunch on a cold day. And it was good to have something completely out of the ordinary to do this afternoon.


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  1. As someone who now has my own crew of construction workers that I dearly love – go you!! Mine love BBQ too :)…

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