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Reindeer Make Good Pillows

Chris and Biff the Reindeer

Chris and Biff the Reindeer

Chris is going to kill me, but I don’t care. He’s asleep on the couch using his 17-year-old reindeer Biff as a pillow. That’s right, Chris has had Biff since he was 10-years-old. Biff usually lives in the guest bedroom, but we brought him out for Christmas. Just this afternoon, I commented that I was surprised the cats hadn’t snuggled up with Biff this month.

Speaking of the cats, we had the bright idea of petting them with dryer sheets this afternoon to clean off some of their fur and general linty-ness. Now they both smell like fresh laundry. It’s sorta weird, and I think they’re confused about their fresh smells, too.

And I have a two-day work week! W00t! I am so ready for twelve days off of work even if it means two very busy days Monday and Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Reindeer Make Good Pillows

  1. It’s ok, Chris…..I have a special blankie that I have had for many years. As a matter of fact, if someone were to hurt my blankie, I would beat their face in.

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