Blogging / Et Al / Technical Writing Goals 2009

Consider this my attempt at planning. I’m generally a well-organized gal, but that’s when I’m following a leader–someone who is wielding a sword, clearing the path in front of me. I have never been a good president of any of my college or high school clubs, but I make a fine VP. Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.

Here at BGnet, no one is clearing the path for me, and no one is telling me what to do, so I’m just sort of winging this blogging thing. Thankfully, Daily Blog Tips is sponsoring a What Are Your Internet Goals for 2009? Group Writing Project, and I figure participating will at least help me think about what I want to accomplish for BGnet in 2009.

  • Increase RSS subscribers to 500 (2008: about 20, if that)
  • Increase Twitter followers to 500 (2008: about 40)
  • Increase page impressions to 200/day (2008: about 200/month)
  • Increase ad revenue to $5/day (2008: $5/year)
  • Post 3-4 times a week (2008: one post a week, if that)
  • Share 2-3 blogging-related tweets a day (2008: no BGnet Twitter account)
  • Publish one blog carnival post a week (2008: about one a month)
  • Guest blog on one blogging-related blog a month (2008: two guest posts total)
  • Write guidelines for guest bloggers/BGnet contributors
  • Write a BGnet media kit for advertisers
  • Open BGnet to other blogging writers
  • Create a network of blogging bloggers

I’m not sure if these goals are too lofty or too modest, but with them I want to primarily accomplish the tag line that’s currently on BGnet: Read. Learn. Post. I want readers. I want my readers to learn something. I want my readers to contribute so other readers can learn.

I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish these goals. Some of them will be easy because I have sole control over them, while others may or may not pan out depending upon whether I work really hard and have favor with other bloggers.

So here’s to 2009. We’ll see how it goes!


4 thoughts on “ Goals 2009

  1. Strive on for your goals. Keep this in your mind or make it into a poster or something so that you can look at it everyday. It is easy to give up blogging at some point of time when you are not making any money. These goals act as a push factor for us to strive on.

    Wei Liang

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