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Snow Days

An ice storm is moving through the Ozarks tonight, and I’m tempted to stay up and watch it come in. Chris noted that watching an ice storm roll in is not nearly as fun as watching tornadoes roll in. I agree. At least with tornadoes, the weathermen have something to tell us on a minute-by-minute basis.

Anyway, if the roads are really bad tomorrow, I might not have to go in to work, which will throw a wrench in tomorrow’s planned post. (It’s gonna be a fun one!) In a fleeting moment of wisdom tonight, I picked up a stack of paperwork I’ll need to go through tomorrow and brought it home just in case I get to work on the couch while watching Ellen. <fingers crossed />

Freezing rain and sleet are on their way. An Arctic front has moved in. I have mixed feelings about going to work tomorrow:

  • It’s gonna be slick, which means people are going to be stupid on the roads. I’m confident that I will get around pretty well, but I’d rather not get out if I don’t have to. And then there’s the adventure of trying to get my rear-wheel-drive Blazer up a slick, icy driveway after I go out. (I have sandbags in the back, but I don’t want to test them out. And I’d like to keep what’s left of my mailbox, which I pretty much destroyed last winter with the Blazer, intact.)
  • It’s gonna be cold. For days. And I’m afraid if I let myself stay in on Monday, I’ll want to stay in on Tuesday and Wednesday, too. Of course, the building at work will be cold, too, and there are no cats there to keep me warm. Or blankets. But there is leftover pizza from tonight’s Explore LifePoint…
  • Vacation is so close. In 10 days, I’ll be on vacation. I’m not going anywhere, but I have 12 days off for Christmas and New Year’s. I have quite a bit to finish between now and then, and while I can more or less work on those from home, I don’t want to get in the vacation mindset until it’s official.
  • What about Chris? Chris’s workplace has no policy on snow/ice days, so more than likely, he’ll have to make the trek into Springfield tomorrow. And snow days are no fun when you have no one to hang out with. 😦

Thankfully, we have plenty of food and wood in case we get iced in, so I’m not concerned about that. And ultimately, the choice isn’t up to me. I’ll get up as usual tomorrow, and if the boss calls and tells me not to come in, I’m prepared to work at home–in my jammies.


3 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Wonder if you made it to work 🙂 We’ve got some nasty weather here too!

    Ellen has one of the Michael Vick dogs on today! I’ll be watching too (something we have in commmon besides fear-of-bones).

  2. Your dad made it to KC and back in one piece today.
    I went to Sherwood to substitute. Passed two wrecks on the way home.
    Clinton did not have school today.

    Last night at 8:30 it was lightening and thunder here, then pouring down freezing rain/sleet. It had the patio covered in less than 5 minutes. Then snow a smidge on top of that. So it was nice and slick when your dad left at 4 a.m.

    Love ya’ as always,

    • @lifestudent Yes, I made it to work. The roads were not nearly as bad as they’ve been after past ice storms.

      @Vicky Glad you and Dad got back home safe and sound. Can’t wait to see you next weekend!

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