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Top 10 Unique Things About Sarah Jo

So the sermon at church on Sunday was about humility, but I missed it because I was home sick; therefore, I don’t feel guilty one iota writing a top-ten list of reasons I think I’m awesome, well, at least different from everyone else. Here we go:

  1. I have a birthmark in my left armpit. A quarter-sized brown dot.
  2. I have natural highlights. Lots of ’em. Seriously, I found a picture that was taken of me when I was four, and I look like I have stripes running through my cute locks.
  3. I have extra-large pupils. Weird, I know, but my optometrist told me, and in fact, the optometrist doesn’t have to dilate my eyes when they do that one test…
  4. All of my fingers are crooked. Got them from my dad.
  5. My fingers are really skinny. Got them from my mom. My wedding ring size is 3 and 3/4.

That’s all the cool physical things you should know about me. Here are the rest:

  1. For a writer, I’m pretty good with numbers. I can calculate them and remember them. Dates, phone numbers, prices. If it’s a number, chances are I’ve committed it to memory.
  2. My favorite color is orange. Burnt, tangerine, pumpkin. I like them all!
  3. I don’t really like chicken. I really don’t like cooking it, and I rarely eat chicken unless it’s been fried.
  4. Bones gross me out. Especially human bone. Don’t talk to me about it because I will pass out. I can’t even think about bones breaking or getting crushed or shattering without getting the heebie jeebies.
  5. My preferred soft drink is caffeine-free diet Pepsi. I was raised on it, and it tastes best to me.

There you go! Now you know all the reasons I think I’m cool and why you should think I’m cool, too. I am so humble.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Unique Things About Sarah Jo

  1. Hmmm…looks like we dont have a lot in common 🙂
    I have plain hair that I have to pay to highlight. My pupils are pretty normal, but my eyecolor is almost nonexistant. Its a really muted grey and I have to wear colored contacts or you cant see anything BUT my pupils. My fingers are straight, and also really fat, specifically at the knuckle (comes from the primates in my family). I blow at numbers, they freak me out. I accidentally painted my office orange and hate it (dont tell my husband I hate it). I love chicken! My favorite is COKE .. and the kind with caffeine.

    But, we have something in common – bones creep me out too. I only like boneless foods. I dont like to look at or think of anything having to do with anatomy – bones, organs, blood. EEEW.

    • @lifestudent But I’m sure there are plenty of unique things about you that are interesting, even if you do have to highlight your hair!

    • And I’m an idiot. I was answering @lifestudent’s reply from the WP 2.7 dashboard and didn’t read the whole thing! I’m an idiot!

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