Et Al

Would You Use a Dynamic Liturgical Theme for Your Church Blog?

I seriously thought this was a joke when it was posted on Weblog Tools Collection, but it’s for real: A WordPress theme that follows the liturgical calendar and adjusts the colors of your blog accordingly. The Liturgical Year Theme, by Scott Lenger, is for churches (and I guess, individuals) who follow the liturgical calendar and decorate their sanctuaries accordingly. The rationale is, if you change your church’s physical decor, why not change the website’s?

As a church web developer, I have mixed feelings. For full disclosure, I’ve never attended a church that followed the liturgical calendar, so I have no personal experience with liturgically-decorated santuaries. On one hand, I think it’s a great idea, in theory. I like websites that are dynamic in content and design, and when design decisions are made for a reason–in this case, to acknowledge the liturgical calendar on the Web–I’m more likely to agree with those decisions. On the other hand, a website is part of a church’s overall brand identity, and I’m afraid messing with the colors will conflict with that brand. Or the website might start looking like clown pants.

So I won’t be using this theme at work, but if you are using or know of a site that is using it, will you post the link in a comment? I’d love to at least see this theme at work!