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Remodeling Some More (or Does It Ever Really Stop?)

Yes! I am 3-0 for NaBloPoMo. W00t! Today I posted Creating a Google Sitemap for Your Blog over on, so I’m not posting anything worthwhile here today.

You should know, however, that this place looks like crap. I’m remodeling again, and I’m playing with a magazine theme, which is the same theme as BloggersGuide, I know, but I’m in the mood to play, so bear with me. Eventually, you’ll be able to tell my two sites apart, I promise. And of course, I chose to start remodeling the day after I submitted Continuing Ed class proposals to the local community college. I’m proposing blogging classes, and I referenced these sites in my qualifications and credentials. <bangs head against table />

And because I’m a little obsessed with the Gap MerryMix commercials, here’s another one to enjoy:


2 thoughts on “Remodeling Some More (or Does It Ever Really Stop?)

    • @xgravity23
      For the most part, I’m done with the redesign. I spent a greater part of last night working on it. I have some more ideas, but this is a start. Thoughts?

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