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December is NaBloPoMo on

Today is December 1, and today I’m announcing my participation in NaBloPoMo. If that strange word means nothing to you, then let me define it: National Blog Posting Month. Yeah, there’s an organization that promotes posting to your blog every day of the month, and it’s just what I need to get me excited about blogging again.

Not that I lost my enthusiasm. I’ve just been getting my blogging fix at work because we’re using WordPress as a content management system, so I’ve been playing with it and completely neglecting my readers here and on my other blog. Sorry about that.

I have a whole list of things to right about: book reviews, theater reviews, concert reviews, Sarah’s Favorites 2008 + all the crazy stuff I’ve been learning about blogging on my work blog. Sheesh! I’ll be splitting my posts between A Fool of Myself and because let’s face it, it’s December, which is pretty crazy for most people, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get a post per day per blog in December (I’m not Super Woman).

Thanks to Linden, who inspired me with her November participation in NaBloPoMo. If she can do it, (and she’s busy, folks), I can, too. It’s just gonna take some discipline and some tenacity, right?

P.S. This is my first blog post using Flock, a web browser for the social network butterflies. I really like it so far, but I’ll keep you posted (pun intended). I think I feel a review coming on…

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3 thoughts on “December is NaBloPoMo on

  1. *does a happy dance* Yay! Sarah’s back! I’m very excited that you’re doing NaBloPoMo!

    I have used flock in the past and really liked it (hello, built on FF!), but it was always either crashing or freezing, so I look forward to your review, and just hearing about its stability in general.

    • @Vicky
      I think I could round up a list of my staying-warm camping tips. “Have parents with an RV” will be my first tip!

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