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Everyone Loves a Drunk—How Was Coldplay Last Night?

So my friend CoFro says I haven’t updated this blog in a while, and he checks it every day. Colby, his wife LFro, my hubby Chris, and I saw Coldplay in Kansas City last night (which was incredible, btw), and we all put up with four incredibly drunk twentysomethings sitting in front of us, so the least I can do is give Colby something to read watch today. Here are some funny videos I found of drunk people at concerts to give you a taste of what we endured last night:

These videos give you an ounce of an idea of what we observed last night. Only our drunkards had a lot more drama going for them. From what we could glean, Tall Guy was in love with one of the girls, but she wasn’t interested, so he had his arm around both the girls (and made out with both of them, we think) at some point in the evening. Short Guy tried to be a good friend and apologized over and over to the people around them for Tall Guy being such a jerk. One girl threw up in the aisle we’re pretty sure. Tall Guy could barely stand. And Short Guy got ticked off with Tall Guy about 3/4 of the way through the concert. Aside from all that drama, the concert was amazing. I’ll have a full concert review by the end of the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Drunk—How Was Coldplay Last Night?

  1. Honestly … I havent had a drink in almost 11 months. I envy anyone who got to get drunk at a Coldplay concert. Heck, I’d envy a drunk from a Celene Dion concert.

  2. ….and don’t forget that I have pictures and video of tall guy, slutty girl(s), and short guy…..and even a video of some amazing seat dancing to Jay Z….”I’m a hustla baby!”……

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