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I Am Not A Bore, I Promise!

So I guess I haven’t written in a while. Yeah, my mom mentioned it on the phone tonight. You know I haven’t written in a while when my mom mentions it. I could blame my lack of writing on busy-ness because work has been a little a crazy and home has been a little crazy, but I hate letting busy-ness be an excuse for not getting things done. Truth is, I’m of the opinion that I’m pretty boring; therefore, I’m of the opinion that I have nothing to write about. But when I think about it, I know I’m not boring. Here is the evidence:

  1. I bought a Mac this summer, and now I have become a Mac snob. I’m certain that had I not become a Mac, I never would’ve finished that triathlon, gotten bangs, or seen So You Think You Can Dance on tour. (OK, the Mac association is probably a little extreme, but I think it has some merit…)
  2. I am reading Hemingway. I got four of his books for Christmas and have spent the last few weeks reading two of them. Gotta say that The Sun Also Rises was sorta weird, but I liked A Farewell to Arms. Working through For Whom the Bell Tolls right now, and then all I have left is The Old Man and the Sea.
  3. I am a little obsessed with fleur-de-lis right now; hence, the new background on my blog. I have another blog in the works to explain this. I’ll get it up soon.

I don’t know what I’ll be writing about in the coming days and weeks. I’m not training for anything right now–just doing some periodic running and weight training. But stay tuned…things are bound to get interesting!


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