A Fool of Myself

762 Gets a Makeover

Chris and I should never own an RV because we would be nomads, unable to stay in one place for very long. But since we own a home, we still get anxious to switch things up every now and then. Last weekend, we started on of our biggest projects yet: a massive overhaul of the living room, office, and spare bedroom. Here are the pictures:

762 Gets a Makeover

Aside from the mold we found in the office closet, everything went really well and everything has been put back together. All the stuff in the spare bedroom is supposed to go in the office closet, but we’re waiting to take care of the mold situation before putting all that away.

This phase of the project is done. We still have to paint the spare bedroom; don’t ask about the colors–we were going through a weird phase when we bought the house. We’re also getting a day bed from my mom, and we’ll paint it, too. We had plans to recarpet the bedrooms before we found the mold, so that might not happen for a bit longer. Stay tuned for more changes!