A Fool of Myself


Everything is completely, totally, irreversibly insane today, this week, this month, this fall, but I’m using the final five minutes of my lunch break to get in an update. Here’s what’s going down:

  • Allergies. They suck.
  • Long run. Eight miles on Monday night without any knee pain. Six miles next week.
  • Mold. In a spare bedroom closet. Praying it is isolated and not contaminating my entire house. Also praying this doesn’t get expensive.
  • Bookshelves. Chris and I are rearranging/painting some bookshelves this weekend and cleaning out crap. We filled up the trash cart last night, we have a huge pile in the living room going to goodwill, and we have a huge pile in the entry that needs to go to eBay.
  • Cats. They’ve been watching other cats on YouTube. You should friend Mowgli and Ravi Austin (Nixa, MO) on Facebook. They’re lonely because I’ve been so stinkin busy.
  • Lo mein noodles. Yum! I made some last night.
  • Jesus. Knowing that he knows my breaking point and that he won’t let life/work/finances/mold go past my breaking point is the only thing getting me through my day.
  • Cookies. Thank you, HG, for making snickerdoodles! They rocked!

That’s all I have for today’s lunch break. Back to craziness…