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Five WordPress Plugins That Make Blogging Life Easier

Life is crazy, right? And for amateur bloggers, our blogs can easily get shoved to the back burner when our lives get in the way. That’s what happened to this blog in August, and as I try to get back on track, I’m making my blogging life easier with these five WordPress plugins:

  1. Akismet. Honestly, I don’t know how you can use WordPress without this plugin. I mean, there’s a reason it comes pre-installed, right? I help a friend manage his blog, and I signed in to do some updates, and he had over 400 spam comments! And Askimet was not activated! Yes, this plugin sometimes has some flub ups, but it captures 99/100 spam comments on my blogs. Totally worth it!
  2. WordPress Database Backup. Regular backups are on the to-do list of every good blogger, but I’m guilty of postponing that little task more often than I should. This little plugin backs up your WordPress database automatically (according to the schedule you set) and will email you the file!
  3. WordPress Automatic Upgrade. I’m sure I’m not the only one who dreads seeing the nag appear when WordPress is ready for an upgrade. And this is one more task I tend to put off mainly because I have five blogs that have to go through that process, and I know manually making the upgrades will take half a day. This plugin creates backups, deactivates your plugins, uploads the new WordPress, activates your plugin, and everything else involved with upgrades in five minutes. It’s a breeze!
  4. WordPress Related Posts. I’m not currently using this plugin on Blogger’s Guide, but I have it in place on another blog that has more content, and I love it. It takes a post’s tags, matches them to other posts with the same tag, and lists those posts at the bottom of the post. It slows down page load times a little bit, but it encourages readers to stay longer on your site.
  5. All In One SEO Pack. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to search engine optimization, but I do have two minutes to type up a description and a list of keywords for every post as I write it. Easy peasy. And the plugin lets you set descriptions, title formats, and keywords for your entire blog, too. Gotta love it.

No, blogging cannot be fully automated, but by simply automating or putting to use the above WordPress plugins, my to-do list is shorter and I feel less out of control when it comes to my blogs. So tell me, what WordPress plugins can you not live without?

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2 thoughts on “Five WordPress Plugins That Make Blogging Life Easier

  1. It truly depends on what the plugins are. On another site I manage, I added a Bible verse linker, and it dynamically added links to Scripture references to pages as they were loaded. It significantly slowed down my site, so I had to adjust the settings to keep the page load time reasonable.

    My best advice: trial and error. If you find a plugin you want to try, add it to your site and test your page load time. If it’s not acceptable, then adjust the plugin settings or try another plugin that’s similar.

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