Et Al

For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | September 12, 2008

Phew! My life has been veritably insane the last few weeks, but I finally have time today to share some incredible material that’s on the Web. Well, I like it, at least. Here we go:

  • Baldness Pattern: A New Cold War Analysis I almost wrecked my car this week listening to this story on NPR’s Morning Edition. While it’s fascinating that there’s a pattern of baldness among Russian’s leaders, the silly song at the end really made me laugh!
  • Introversion and Leadership Yes, another article about introversion, but ever since I’ve accepted that quality about myself, I love reading about it. And now there’s news that many great leaders were introverts!
  • Video: A Renewed Mind is the Key to Bad Dancing Thank you, Betsy, for sharing this. I’ve spoken with the leaders at LifePoint, and we’ll be adding this as a new ministry next spring. We’re holding open-call auditions for bad break dancers.
  • And We Wonder Why We’re Hated No kidding! This is by far the worst church sign I’ve ever seen! And for the record, I prefer to sing, “I kissed a squirrel…”

And that does it for the week! I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics as much as I am! That should be sufficient for this weekend. Be sure to check out my other Google Reader Shared Items and Delicious pages.