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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 15 August 2008

Wow! It’s been a busy week! The Olympics have totally consumed my evenings and my RSS reader, so this week’s link lovin’ will all be related to those fantastic games. Here we go:

  • 18 Smaller Countries to Cheer For In the US, we’re pretty fortunate to have so many athletes in so many events to check out, but who’s cheering for the little guys–for the countries who only have one or two athletes that qualify for the Olympics? I say, we adopt them and cheer for them, too. Many of the athletes listed will be participating in the track and field events next week, so you haven’t missed them.
  • For Opening Ceremony, Beijing Told Rain to Go Away Who knew that the picture-perfect weather on opening ceremony night was also part of the orchestration? Yep. Seems that it’s the rainy season in Beijing right now, so they (I’m not sure who exactly was in charge) made it rain outside Beijing where it wouldn’t ruin the Olympic events.
  • Speedo’s LZR Racer Breaks Records If you’ve watched swimming at all, you’ve seen these new suits that, quite frankly, make it hard to tell the guys and the girls apart. And you’ve probably noticed that there’ve been a lot of world records broken in the last week. Yeah, these suits have a lot to do with those new records, but you should also know that the Olympic pool is 3 meters deep. Regulation pools have to be at least 2 meters deep, and this deeper pool is reducing the ripples/wakes that usually bounce off the bottom of the pool and interfere with the swimmers above.
  • Champion Nicole Cooke’s Training Secrets This British chippy is a cycling champion who started out biking to school every day. Gotta love that!
  • Blue Screen of Death Appears at Olympics This is just one more reason to buy a Mac, and quite frankly, I’m surprise the production people weren’t using them in the first place. Anyway, if you were watching the opening ceremonies on TV, you missed it, but yeah, a PC crashed and it was projected all over the bird’s nest.

And that does it for the week! I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics as much as I am! That should be sufficient for this weekend. Be sure to check out my other Google Reader Shared Items and Delicious pages.


One thought on “For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 15 August 2008

  1. I have been HOOKED to my television screen. It’s totally ruining my morning runs because I stay up so late watching the Olympics that I can’t get up in the morning. Its fantastic! Running starts today….YAY! Oh, women’s marathon this weekend. I’m so excited.

    Hope you’re doing great!

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