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Response to Freewriting Prompt #37

“There is a very old and beat up white armored truck that has been parked outside my house all morning,”* and I suspect an organization with three letters in its name is keeping an eye on my next door neighbors. For three weeks now they have mowed their yard at noon every day without regard to July’s heat and humidity. This, along with my observation that they never exit their cars without first closing the garage doors behind them, makes me wonder if they’re watching their backs. We all know the mob likes to hit people when they least expect it, so perhaps my neighbors are using their lawn mowing as a preemptive strike against the mob. But this doesn’t explain why they mow every day or how the white armored truck came to be sitting outside my house.

Perhaps I was wrong about the three-lettered organization. Perhaps my neighbors are working with this organization and by mowing every day are hoping the mob will try to take them out so the three-lettered organization can combat the mob’s presence in my small suburb. Whatever the case may be, I should probably get out of my house in case anything goes down this afternoon.

*Thanks to G who posted this fun little writing prompt this morning. Sometimes I miss freshman composition.