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Sad, Sorry Little Sarah

I have a case of nobody-likes-me-guess-I’ll-eat-some-worms tonight. It’s not true. Plenty of people like me, but I’m feeling particularly best friendless right now. It sucks.

I’ve made some efforts to meet new people in the last month or so: at the gym, at church, at a book club. But making friends is so hard. Everyone has a family or a job or a million other people vying for their friendship, but no one has time. I could argue that I don’t have time for friends either, but if the right gal(s) came along, I would drop everything to be her friend.

It’s no secret that making friends is hard for me. I don’t give the best first impression, I hate small talk, and I’m brutally honest (and sometimes lack a filter). I’m just not a sorority girl who has 1,000 friends on Facebook and who’s in a wedding every other weekend. Hell, I’ve never even been a bridesmaid, and I only had two in my own wedding.

Can I help that it takes months for me to warm up to someone new? When I try to do it sooner, I can’t help but feel like I’m trying to hard or that I’m being fake. Speeding through the process just doesn’t do it for me; if you want to be my friend, it’s gonna take a lot of time and a lot of sweat, but I promise that I’ll be your friend for life. I’m fiercely loyal, and I don’t let my real friends get away easily. Take a chance on me!

Sorry for being a downer tonight. Just needed to get it out.


8 thoughts on “Sad, Sorry Little Sarah

  1. Well Sarah don’t worry i still love you no matter what, keep ur chin up and keepin pressin on.

  2. Even though you are a Debbie Downer (from SNL, please google if you haven’t seen this skit) tonight, please know that you have some friends out there that love you and would do anything to cheer you up. Making friends is hard, and I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there especially since it’s not necessarily your personality. You’re a super strong girl and please know that it’s their loss if they don’t stick around and get to know you…you’re such a blessing to me.

    Cheer up girlfriend. I’m praying for you!!

  3. Technically your Best Friend (look up) is always right there with you. And in a pinch you always have that husband of yours 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about not being able to make friends at places like church. It’s really hard sometimes to make real friendships and not just people you wave at from across the sanctuary.

    But it sounds like you want girlfriends. While I think you’re a cool frood, I’m not having a sex change just so you can have a new buddy.

    I’d look horrible in leggings.

  5. I know. I can do the small talk, but I live away from my family. Everyone here with kids my kids’ ages and who I would want to hang out with have family here and commitments. I have one close friend here and she is childless, so it is hard for me to hang with her.

    So, I guess, you are not the only one out there. 🙂

  6. Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement.

    Yes, I’m a Debbie Downer, but everyone gets to be one on occasion, right? I promise I won’t make a habit of it.

    Thanks for reminding me that my true best friend is Jesus! I’ve been talking to him quite a bit lately. Maybe he let’s me get like this so I’ll realize just how much I need to depend on him.

    You’re right, I am looking for girlfriends, and maybe that why I’m having such problems. I’ve been a tomboy my entire life and have always had an easier time making friends with guys, but once you get married that sort of has to change, doesn’t it?

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