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I am Officially a Mac! W00t!

Omigosh! This week has been insane! Of course, I’m playing catch-up at work from being out ten days (OK, who are we kidding, it’s taken maybe two collective hours to get up to speed).

No, the biggest distraction of the week is my new MacBook! I am finally in the club! So I’ve been playing with that all week, and pretty much, blogging has gone out the window. My Gateway laptop started having problems again last week (I’ve had problems with it ever since I bought it in 2002), and Chris and I started checking out used Macs on eBay. We sent an email to some of our friends to see if they knew of anyone aching to get rid of a used Mac laptop, and one of our friends bit! Turns out, she compulsively bought this computer last week, felt like she could’ve put the money to better use, and offered it to us at a reduced rate. And the money we paid is going to a good cause, not just our friend’s pocketbook. Everyone wins! God is so frickin’ good!

More later, I promise! I have some sweet Independence Day weekend photos to share (once I figure out this iPhoto thing).


4 thoughts on “I am Officially a Mac! W00t!

  1. I love my Macbook, which I’m using right now. Be sure you spring for Apple Care though. It is very much worth it, especially since you are not the original purchaser.

    At this point I have a Macbook, an Asus Eee Pc running Ubuntu Linux, and the university-provided Dell in my office. When replacement time comes, I will get a Mac for my office. I use MobileMe and iWeb, so the PC is lacking a few dimensions of usability for me. If you have any Mac questions, let me know, but I bet you won’t.

  2. Welcome to the Mac world!

    We bought a Mac PowerBook in April 2003. It still works wonderfully!

    I second the buying the Apple Care!

  3. If it wasn’t for the fact the audio editing software I need for work is incompatible with Mac I would have switched years ago.

    Congrats on the new ‘puter!

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