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This is the inaugural post for my new weekly series Blogs for Bloggers! I am always on the prowl for new blogging blogs, and once I find one I like, I want to share the wealth, so this “column” will review a different blogging-related blog every Wednesday. is this week’s blog for bloggers, and it’s the first international (i.e. non-American) blog up for review. It’s owner is Alex Cristache, who has worked nearly a decade in Romanian web development and who is obsessed with blogging; hence, Blogsessive.

Been Around Since
March 2008

Posting Frequency
About once a day (during the work week)

# of Subscribers

Blogsessive is primarily focused around blogging tips and tools and places lots of emphasis on maximizing WordPress as a blogging platform. This blog has also sponsored a handful of contests and has an ongoing series about domain names for bloggers.

Essential Reading

My Thoughts
Blogsessive certainly has potential. Alex writes well, and the topics are consistently helpful, though they’re a bit shallow. Not shallow in a valley girl kind of way, shallow in that they just hit the surface of the topic. Alex could beef up his posts with more examples and more detail, and this would make the content even more valuable to the blogging community.

The design at Blogsessive has potential, too. Actually, it’s pretty decent, but a few small things concern me. For me, there’s too little letter spacing between characters in the headings; either adding extra spacing or normalizing the font weight could lighten the design. I’m also concerned with the material above the fold. Upon initially loading the page, there’s very little content until I scroll down to the next screen. Alex could stand to cut all that header material in half (or even by 3/4), and that would really tighten up the page. Additionally, Alex has a lot of material in the sidebar, including many links to his favorite web sites and blogs; instead of all those links, I would encourage Alex to have a page dedicated to all those links.

Have you checked out I want to know what you think about this up-and-coming blog!