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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 20 June 2008

First of all, I wanted to draw your attention to some of the changes I’ve made around here this weekend. I finally customized the header image, so now it features the mug of yours truly. In the sidebar, I added icons of sites I frequent with links to my profiles. I’ve added a plug-in that allows commenters to subscribe to comments via email, and I’ve figured out the problem with the comment RSS feed, so you can subscribe to that now, too.

OK, enough of that. Short list of reading this week, and I apologize in advance that my mind was in the gutter for two of these links, but they’re sorta funny. Enjoy!

  • Top Ten Horniest Countries.
    Not surprising, Americans are not on this list. I could comment additionally, but that might incriminate me.
  • Missouri: The Sperm Count Mystery State. This is just weird, and it’s from Treehugger of all places! Chris will be staying away from Columbia for a while.
  • Waiterless Restaurant in Nuremberg. I saw this on the news this week, and I immediately assigned Linden to check out this place. It’s a restaurant that has no waiters! You order from a touch-screen computer at your table, and the chefs send your food to you by food roller coaster.
  • Reduce Your Cat’s Carbon Footprint with CatGenie’s Self-Flushing Litterbox. Ravi and Mowgli are concerned with their carbon footprints on earth, but I’m mostly concerned with the litter footprints left on my hardwood floors. This is a great contraption, but due to the space and water requirements, I can’t put it in this house. Maybe the next one…
  • Power Naps Combats Sleepiness Better Than Caffeine. Finally, there is proof that naps are better than caffeine! I’ve been preaching this forever, and now I have science behind me!

There you go! For a complete list of what I’ve loved on the Internet this week, check out my Google Reader Shared Items and my Delicious page.


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