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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 13 June 2008

I haven’t done this for a month, but here’s the best of what I’ve been reading. Consider this your summer reading…

Who said summer reading wasn’t fun? Check out what else I’ve enjoyed on my Google Reader Shared Items and Delicious pages.


2 thoughts on “For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 13 June 2008

  1. First I want to say that I SUCK at grammar. Its even more sad because my sister is a writer, pursuing her masters in English … and she seems to have no troubles with it. (cant blame the genes I guess) But in the Grammar article it talks about the whole “their” and “there” thing. I think this IS my biggest pet peave. As a teacher of college students it simply ticks me off that these 20+ year-old students switch the two so often. I want to fail them just out of spite.

  2. @life
    When I taught, I too had to fight the urge to not fail my college students for not applying rules they learned in third grade. It was ridiculous.

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