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Strange Things

Strange things are happening to me. In the last few weeks, the amount of food I am able to eat at dinner has significantly shrunk. Last night, for instance, I ate my orange roughy filet but hardly any of my rice. I get stuffed quicker than before. It’s weird. But then I had to have a bowl of Kix last night before bed cuz I was hungry again. Maybe I’m finally learning portion control.

And I was getting dressed at the gym last night and for some reason started studying my legs. While doing so, I noticed that I have a lot of spider veins going on. I’m prone to them because my mom has them, but they’re crawling all over my legs—even my ankles! And they look bad with my uber-pale skin. Yuck!

And I’ve had, what, two excellent hair weeks in a row? I think I’ve finally mastered the art of hair straightening.

And I’m being weirdly productive this week. I don’t know what’s getting into me. Maybe it’s the protein shakes I’ve been eating for breakfast. Who knows.


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