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Crystal Skulls, Corneal Abrasions, and Whole Lotta Jack Squat: How We Spent Our Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we had quite the Memorial Day weekend. Would you like to read all the gory details?

The Awesome Movie Fun Club had a field trip scheduled to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls Friday night, so I spent the entire day in town running errands in my fun little Chevy Cobalt and working on miscellaneous tasks at Panera. Chris picked up tickets for our crew on his lunch break, and the theater peeps told us to be in line for the 7:05 movie by 6ish. Since we were supposed to meet for dinner at 5:30, we canceled official dinner plans and told everyone to get dinner on their own. I liked the movie, but Chris didn’t. You may or may not get an official review later this week. After the flick, we went to Steak N Shake for dessert and went home.

Our friends were beginning to spend their economic stimulus money, and Colby and Lyndsey decided to replace the flooring in their living space this weekend. Lyndsey and I got out of the boys’ way and let them get to work, so she and I spent the day watching movies and putzing around. Until Chris called. Turns out, sawdust had flown into Chris’s eye, and in an effort to get the sawdust out, he scratched his cornea. (Corneal abrasions, the doctor said, are like a rug burn on your eye.) He and Colby went to urgent care, had the eye flushed out, and got some antibiotics before returning to work on the floor and finishing most of it. Lyndsey and I made dinner at my house (their living room furniture was in their kitchen) and treated the boys to some double chocolate chip cookies. Yum! After they left, Chris finally let his true feelings about his eye show: he was in a lot of pain and he was grouchy. I let him have the bed to himself Saturday night, and I slept on the living room floor, which meant Mowgli thought it was necessary to check on me every hour to make sure I was still breathing.

Chris was supposed to run sound at church on Sunday morning, but he was still pretty grouchy, so I ran sound for him, which meant I had to be at church by 8 AM. Ugh. I was a little rusty, but we made it through without incident. I brought home Little Caesar’s for dinner because when you feel poopy, comfort food is best. We napped all afternoon before heading to Justin and Ashlynne’s house for dinner and CSI. Ashlynne and I took an hour-long walk after dinner, and I read some of her pregnancy book, which gave me nightmares Monday night.

We slept in a bit on Monday and did a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the day. We managed to get around in the afternoon to see Chris’s parents and their vacation pictures. They just got back from a trip to Yellowstone. By the time we wrapped up, Chris’s eye felt loads better! Yea! So he decided to vacuum and mop the floors at home before sitting down to watch American Gladiators.

That was our weekend. Somehow I managed to not check my email, my blogs, or my RSS reader for four days, and I survived! And I discovered how incredibly boring I am without my technology. And despite the long weekend, I feel like I need a vacation even more. Anyone know anyone who wants to give away an all-expense paid trip to anywhere?


2 thoughts on “Crystal Skulls, Corneal Abrasions, and Whole Lotta Jack Squat: How We Spent Our Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I totally was not a fan of the new Indy movie ūüė¶ Far fetched and odd at times, I actually had some challenges keeping my mind on the movie!

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