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Impromptu Date Yields Impromptu Reviews of Downtown Springfield's Library Branch and Coffee Ethic

Chris and I had a date last night! I can’t remember the last time we had a real, live date on the spur of the moment. Before starting Financial Peace , we went out every week, but since we’ve tightened our purse strings, the dates have been fewer and farther between.

But I had been in a funk all week—I still don’t its source—so we decided to go downtown. No, not downtown Nixa. Downtown Springfield ! We ate at Maria’s for some prime Mexican food, and I finally found a dish that closely resembles a chimichanga from my hometown Mexican restaurant. It’s called the Sergio and is made with shredded beef, but I think next time I’ll ask if they can make it with shredded chicken. That would be bueno.

We hadn’t been downtown since the new library branch opened, and since we were on a budget, we headed there for some free reading. I’m telling you, this place rocks. It’s not your traditional library; I don’t think I saw any bookshelves, but plenty of books and magazines lined the walls, and there were lots of places to cuddle up with your reading material. And it seriously looks like Phorm decorated the place. Way cool.

Next door and connected to the library is The Coffee Ethic , one of the new coffee places downtown. Now, I’m an avid fan of the Mudhouse , but there’s never very much room there to spread out and work, and when Linden returns to town, we’ll need a new place where we can work (since Churchill’s is closing ), so we took the opportunity to check out this place.

Overall, the place has good potential. For one, The Coffee Ethic has a great logo, so much so that Chris was drooling and asked the owner’s about it. That’s a good start. The decor was interesting, too—lots of turquoise, grays, and browns plus lots of wood and some leather furniture pieces. And I liked my chai latte; it was different than what I’m used to in a chai, but I would get it again.

This morning, I’m sort of up in the air about the place, and I think it’s the lighting that I didn’t like. All of the lighting is overhead and lights up the entire space, but I like the invisibility factor when I go to a coffee house. When a coffee house has dim overhead lighting but well-lit tables, I feel like I’m tucked away in a corner even if I’m out in the open, and when I’m working or having deep conversations with Chris or friends, I don’t like feeling as though everyone can see what I’m doing or can hear what I’m saying.

Regardless, I definitely think The Coffee Ethic is worth a try, and if you don’t like the environment, you can always go next door to the library.


3 thoughts on “Impromptu Date Yields Impromptu Reviews of Downtown Springfield's Library Branch and Coffee Ethic

  1. Another Dave Ramsey-ite. I am going to add you to a list of blogs I like to visit on my site.

    BTW, I found your blog on the PPP “Today’s Random 10.”


    Let me rephrase that. Oh wait, I can’t.


    I’m a huge supporter of those guys and go down there just to blog often.

  3. @Lisa Glad you found me. I guess I’m unfamiliar with the PPP? Any hints?

    @Jason I liked The Coffee Ethic, too, but I’m not ready to make it my favorite place quite yet. I need to do some more research in the downtown coffee house department.

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