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Awesome Movie Fun Club Plays Raiders of the Lost Ark & Serves Snake Snacks

In anticipation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls , Chris and I hosted an Awesome Movie Fun Club meeting on Friday to watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark . Yea! And you can’t have an AMFC meeting at the Awesome household without a fun treat. This time around we had snake snacks ! (Thanks, Linden , for finding this great idea!)

OK, so the picture on the actual Rice Krispies site is much better, but my snakes (as you can see on the left) were pretty cool. I made blue frosting eyes, fruit roll-up tongues, and rainbow Nerd spots. If you make them on your own, I recommend spraying your hands down with Pam before rolling the mixture into snakes. And if make them again, I’m going to mix the Nerds into the Rice Krispie mix instead of rolling the snakes in the Nerds. They were a hit! Tune in next week to see what we serve with the Temple of Doom!


4 thoughts on “Awesome Movie Fun Club Plays Raiders of the Lost Ark & Serves Snake Snacks

  1. They look awesome, and I’m glad I could help, even though I’m not there. Can’t wait to hear about and see next week’s treats!

  2. @Ben Thanks for the kudos. This week’s will be fun, too!

    @Jason Jon Goings started the Thursday Movie Fun Club about a year ago, but Chris and I sort of adopted it. We host movie nights (usually leading up to the big-screen release of a new movie) at our house and try to make the evenings memorable.

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