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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 2 May 2008

Hooray! It’s Friday, and it’s been quite a week around here what with moving A Fool of Myself to, but the transition is complete, and here is a handful of reading for you to do this weekend:

  • Great Steak. My pal Linden started a new blog a few months ago called 100 Things That Make Me Happy Besides Money where she explains the things in life that make her happy. Yesterday, she described her love of a quality steak cooked rare, and I am on the Steak Boat with her. My parents raised me to appreciate an above-par steak, and I must agree that there is absolutely nothing like one that melts in your mouth!
  • How To Correctly Complain About Restaurant Service. I’ve only recently subscribed to The Consumerist, and I wish I’d had this post on Valentine’s Day. Even though I worked in food service in college, I guess I never thought about the proper way to complain about service you receive, but now I know, so I’ll never incorrectly complain again!
  • When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web. As a former educator, I found this article from the Washington Post fascinating. How do teachers (or all of us, I suppose) separate our professional and personal lives on the Web? Or is that even possible? Should anyone face consequences at work for what they did (and posted on the Web) in their personal lives?
  • Reduplicatives—Double Delight. Bling bling, itty bitty, jibber jabber. Did you know there’s a name for these fun little echo words? They’re called reduplicatives, and Daily Writing Tips has a whole post of ’em! I love grammar!

I’m deliberately making link-lovin’ a bit shorter, in case you hadn’t noticed. Of everything I bookmarked from the week, the posts above were the ones at the very top of my list. To see other articles and posts I love for some quirky reason, check out my Delicious page and my Google Reader Shared Items page.