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Today is RSS Awareness Day!

I use RSS, and you should, too. That is the theme of today’s post, so I’ll be laying the peer pressure on pretty thick.

So what exactly is RSS? Well, it stands for really simple syndication. By using an application called a reader and adding subscriptions from your favorite news sites and blogs (hmm…A Fool of Myself comes to mind), the new content from those sites comes to you in your reader. You no longer have to remember all the sites you frequently read, go to them, and hope for new content; if a site has been updated, the new content will appear in your reader. (Come on. Everyone is doing it.)

Still confused? Watch this little video produced by to see how you can start using RSS within minutes. I would have made my own video, but I hate reinventing the wheel, and this one is super easy to understand:

To summarize the video, to get started with RSS, you need a reader (e.g. Google Reader, NewsGator, Bloglines, My Yahoo!, etc.). Once you have a reader, add subscriptions to your account by looking for and clicking on the orange RSS logo. That’s it! Just start reading! (I’m going to tell everyone how lame you are for not using RSS!)

If you have any questions about RSS or need help setting it up on your computer, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I’ll answer any and all RSS-related questions. (And remember, you’re not cool unless you’re using RSS.)


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